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Dinner And A Kiss



A marriage is anything but convenient for a billionaire bachelor and a single mum wanting more...

Fashion reporter, Abrafi Sarpong must get to Tamale to cover an international pageant, her career depends on it. And her son is depending on her. When a mishap with her flight reservation lands her on the private jet of a handsome billionaire, her life takes an unexpected turn. She isn’t looking for love; but Adonis Aggrey-Finn makes her an offer her heart can’t refuse… even if her head tells her she should.

Business mogul, Adonis Aggrey-Finn has wealth, power and political aspirations… which don’t include tarnishing his name with a scandal. He needs a suitable wife and thinks the beautiful stranger he crossed paths with could be the one. If he’s not careful, spending time getting to know Abrafi could cost him everything, but he can’t deny his attraction to her. When they return home, the illusion is shattered and reality that they are from two different worlds threatens to destroy what could be.

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