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Royal House of Saene Series

The Kingdom of Bagumi is one of the last intact African monarch states. Treaties and alliances over several centuries have ensured their continued dominance in the region.  

Each generation of the powerful and proud Royal House of Saene is bound by loyalty to their family and duty to protecting their nation. 

However, soon, long-trusted traditions come under attack, and change becomes inevitable, especially when love clashes with duty.  

Books in the Royal House of Saene series:

1 - His Defiant Princess by Nana Prah (Princess Amira)

2 - His Inherited Princess by Empi Baryeh (Princess India)

3 - His Captive Princess by Kiru Taye (Princess Isha)

4 - The Torn Prince by Zee Monodee (Prince Zediah)

5 - The Resolute Prince by Nana Prah (Prince Zareb)

6 - The Tainted Prince by Kiru Taye (Prinec Zawadi)

7 - The Illegitimate Prince by Empi Baryeh (Prince Kalahari)

8 - The Future King by Kiru Taye (Prince Azikiwe)

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