Most Eligible Bachelor


Book of the Year 2017, Ufere Awards


A one-night-stand with a billionaire bachelor leaves a happily single writer wanting more...


Magazine columnist, Chantelle Sah doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day—not since her fiancé’s betrayal four years ago. She’s thrown herself into her career, but after a botched assignment as a feature writer, she will do everything for a scoop this Valentine's Day. Even if it means breaking her rule and going on a date with gorgeous construction Tycoon, Lord McKenzie... opening herself to an onslaught of all things love.

When Lord—his given name, not a title—sets his sights on Chantelle, he has more than work on his mind. Yet, even the infamous playboy couldn’t have predicted the magnetic attraction from the moment they met, nor the evening ending with more than just an interview. But now he has to convince Chantelle that their one-night stand wasn’t a mistake... and that not all bachelors are heartbreakers.




Author Empi Baryeh delivers the standalone sequel to her award-winning novel, Most Eligible Bachelor.

A single mother focused on creating the best opportunities for her only child.


A billionaire willing to risk his aspiring political career for her.


A recipe for love or disaster?